Doll Orphanage


Please note that we have different urls that lead to our webshop. 


Loli Paradise


We have a domain/website based on blockchain technology. It's called Loli Paradise. This website can never be deleted, hacked or modified. We made it so that people don't have to worry about our webshop going offline, or not being able to view our products (in some countries these kind of websites/content are banned or blocked).




Please install the unstoppable extension on your Chrome browser. If you are using mobile (currently only Android is supported) then you should install Kiwi browser and then install the unstoppable extension. 


Now you can visit Loli Paradise!


Please always use this address: http://loli-paradise.zil or http://loli-orphanage.zil


Don't use www or https! The website will not work if you do. We don't recommend using the unstoppable browser because it seems to give problems. Only use the extension.


Loli Orphanage


works like a normal website, most of our dolls are listed here. However, in some countries you need to use a proxy or VPN or access will be blocked.