Her Super Hot Story:

Hi, I’m Sylvia. Gosh, I’m not sure if I should even do this. I know I’ll be punished for committing such awful sins but I’m desperate. Please, understand me. I need your help. I’m a nurse, and my job means everything to me. I love helping people, and at the moment I’m also doing my best to prepare for an entry exam, as I want to apply to a university that would guarantee a higher job position for me. So, you can imagine how much time it takes me to finish my daily job while reading and learning for the exam.

I’ve been happily married for 8 years now, my husband’s a great guy, but we’ve hit a wall recently. He lost his job and we’re headed towards bankruptcy if he doesn’t find a new one soon. He’s doing his best, but after thinking about it long and hard, I realized something had to be done. I don’t have time for a second job, and he’s at a standstill. I beg you, if you think that there’s a chance for you to find it in your soul and get my husband a job, or at least pay good money – I will do anything. I probably wouldn’t waste time on petty kissing since I’d want to get it over quickly, so you just pick a place; I won’t be wearing panties, and you can get straight to destroying my shaved p*ssy, or ass, whatever pleases you.

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Her Super Hot Story:

Good girl gone Bad!

Hey, y’all! My name’s Sally, born and raised in Dallas, Texas! No, I don’t ride a horse to school, but I sure as hell would like to ride a man, the sooner the better… You see, my whole life I’ve done what my folks told me to do. Respected the law, respected elders, tradition; always worked hard and helped at home, while being a good teacher with a respectable reputation at school. My first kiss was a girl, technically, but it was just an ordinary kiss, out of curiosity.

Guys I’ve kissed twice, and in both cases, got nothing but the kiss, probably because the poor souls knew how strict my parents were. My daddy would literally drive them off the ranch with a gun if he’d seen us kissing, so, I do get why they didn’t have the guts to sleep with me. My daddy told me that it’s shameful to give my flower to somebody before marriage. But, sorry daddy, I can’t keep my thighs closed any longer. If you’ll be my cowboy, I’ll let you ride me every night, just promise you won’t tell anyone.

Her Super Hot Story:

Hello there sweetheart! I’m Beatrice. Give me a chance and I promise to be both your best friend, and your favorite f*ck buddy. I’ll tell you why I’m better than all the other bimbos in your life. It’s simple. I will never say “Stop.” I will never say “It’s enough.” All the words coming out of my mouth while you’re riding my tiny ass will make you go harder and deeper. Use my body as your toy. When we’re not alone, treat me as your princess. When everybody leaves and the lights go out, show me what you think about my big mouth, perky nipples, and comfy butt. Deepthroats, anal, pronebone – these are my fetishes. But don’t worry, as long as you treat me as the submissive slut that I am, we’ll get along just fine.


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